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Acier Holdings began as a US based privately-owned, vertically integrated real estate investment firm, which focuses on the development of Tri-State area multifamily, mixed use, industrial and commercial properties. Headquartered in New Jersey, our collective teams experience exceeds $2 Billion in completed projects.
In late 2018 Acier entered the tech, innovation space with the goal of focusing on a multitude of sectors with the likes of renewable energy production, urban AgTech, recycling and creating better lives for the disadvantaged. Acier aggregated resources to achieve the most creative and efficient systems. The goal was to launch the first initiative in early 2020. In 2020 Acier Launched Rttas Innovations, a manufacturing company in the USA. 
Acier’s core focus has been acquiring assets in growing markets in which value-add/repositioning strategies can be implemented to generate strong risk adjusted returns for investors. 
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Acier holdings investment philosophy demands a focus on capital preservation with the goal of delivering above-benchmark returns to our investors . To achieve this goal, Acier actively seeks out investment opportunities where risks can be clearly identified and addressed through an appropriate risk/reward structure; and for each investment, focusing on assets that have untapped significant upside which can be extracted through value engineering, creative structured financing and experienced execution of all aspects of the project. Acier has demonstrated an ability to  adapt to changing circumstances which is typical in value add projects.
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Acier Holdings takes an individualized and detailed approach to investing. Each potential investment opportunity undergoes an extensive underwriting process which includes in-depth market research, highest and best use analysis, and extensive financial, physical, and legal due diligence We have a proven track record in identifying opportunities that other firms overlook. Further, we have demonstrated an ability to structure, negotiate, and close even the most complex transactions quickly and efficiently.


Our in-house asset management team maintains a hands-on day-to-day involvement in every investment. This includes validating a transactions investment thesis, developing and implementing a sound operating strategy, overseeing capital improvement projects, and continually examining disposition strategies to maximize returns .


No matter what the market, structure, or opportunity, we deliver a high quality product that maximizes returns and minimizes risk. Our extensive expertise in all types of development provide us with a unique acumen in approaching each project, allowing us to quickly determine highest and best use. With our teams’ vast development experience and proven track record, we have an established reputation for innovative designs delivered on time and on budget.


We participate in investments at all levels of the capital structure, from equity to preferred equity to debt. We use financing as a tool to enhance an investments return. While other investors may be deterred by complexities and challenges such as distressed capital structures, we navigate these obstacles with confidence.

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